Saturday, May 2, 2009

Modeling's been in progress...

Thanks everyone who contacted us willing to help! Currently, we've been busy sculpting the Crazy Rooster's model. It's John Silander who helped us,.. actually... been helping, b.c. one of the Bulls is being sculpted now. We think the first guy of the Free Rangers is looking great. We're gonna be modeling in 3D, starting next week, with a help of Tracey Hayes. Can't wait...

Monday, March 30, 2009

ICE RAGE: we're looking for collaboration!

Hey, Super Guys out there! Here we go again...
We'd pitched this idea into the network about 10 months ago... And we've got lots of very cool and supportive feedbacks from different guys, including credited animation professionals, hockey journalists/TV-hosts, NHL media-executives and players, artists, designers etc. We (my partner Andrey Brotzky and myself) wanna get a CGI animation test done (45-60-90 sec?), and are going to find a few Cool-Talents-Crazy-About-Hockey volunteers to set a Team up. So if there're some of you interested in participating, who are preferably live in/around Vancouver, BC and very good at:
– rigging, modeling
– texturing, lighting, comping
– sound, music
– editing
send us your e-mails to boris[at]andreev[dot]ca, with your CVs, portfolios attached . We can't wait to discuss the matter with you... now.

As soon as the test animation's done, we're gonna use it as a second step in pitching the project. All committed collaborators are to be credited in the final pitch. You could use the pitch as a promo of yourself (as a part of the team). What ever happens afterwards, any serious deal appears... we'd like to negotiate it with you later.

Well, feel free to contact me what ever you feel you wanna say. Just let's make a very cool Canadian hockey-animation happen! Finally...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In the process...

Hi all!
Here is a small update. We've been in the process of pitching so far.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Battle for Green Peas Cup (based on true events)

In the tough world of farm hockey no one could survive against the reign of Green Peas Cup Champions, a team of Raging Bulls called the Buffalo Wings. Every other team who tried to stand up to the intimidating “Barn Bullies” had lost badly and was sent to assisted living facility, lousy Pets stores.

However, a little chicken with big dreams named Crazy Rooster was inspired by his love of hockey and was driven by his burning desire to become a Green Peas Cup Champion. To become the Green Peas Cup Champion, Crazy Rooster challenged the Buffalo Wings to compete in a winner takes all battle that would decide the fate of his dream. Along with his best buddies, Crazy Rooster is willing to risk losing the privileges of being a Free Ranging Organic Chicken for the love of the game.

The fierce battle unleashes an amazing sequence of on ice actions and dazzling displays of never before seen hockey skills. There is an electric atmosphere in a brand new Barn, named “MB Place” in honour of the Hockey Legend Jack “The Magic Bean” who, according to a very reliable sources, planted Magic Bean in the centre of the ice.

Joining Crazy Rooster in the Ice Rage is a hilarious cast of characters including a heroic team of Free Rangers, a “well done” team of Buffalo Wings, a couple of retired animal rights activists/medical staff – Grey Wolf and Red Fox, a team of veteran officials lead by Blind Moles and an exited crowd of wild hard “corned” fans.